Sister Wives Does Robyn Brown still own her house? Is Kody on the deed? (2024)

The Brown family from TLC’s Sister Wives appears to be falling apart at the seams.

Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, has sold her house and Flagstaff and is currently living near Salt Lake City, Utah. Judging from the preview trailer for the upcoming season, it appears that one or more of the other wives may soon be following suit!

Christine was very open last season about her desire to move back to Utah, but there was already a strong clue that she and Kody might be having troubles when she removed his name from the deed of their house back in August of 2020. Removing Kody gave her the freedom to do whatever she wanted with the property, and she chose to put it on the market one year later.

As devout Sister Wives fans are probably aware, the Brown family owned just two houses in Flagstaff. In addition to Christine’s house, the house that Robyn Brown and her children live in was also purchased and not rented.

Kody and Christine paid $520,000 for her 2,400 square foot house in September of 2018. Kody and Robyn Brown purchased her 4,395 square foot home (and an adjacent lot) for $890,000 in July of 2019. Just like Christine’s house, Kody Brown’s name was on the original deed when the house was purchased.

Does Robyn Brown still own her house? Is Kody still on the deed?

Robyn Brown’s house is currently not for sale, and there is no record of it being listed since it was purchased by the Browns in 2019.

The next obvious question is whether or not Robyn followed Christine’s lead by having Kody Brown removed from the deed. I checked county property records and it doesn’t appear that there have been any changes to the deed on the property. Kody and Robyn are still listed as the owners.

What about Coyote Pass? The preview trailer for the new season shows the Browns re-dividing the lots on Coyote Pass, including a potential lot for just Kody. However, there has been no official change of ownership for the four lots on Coyote Pass, originally purchased in June of 2018.

We did an extensive breakdown of the different sized Coyote Pass lots in a previous post, including a satellite map with dividing lines as well as a breakdown of the cost and acreage by wife. (Kody’s name is on all four lots, Robyn and Janelle are each on two lots, and Meri and Christine’s names are on a single lot each.) Here is an excerpt that includes the price and acreage breakdown for each of the land parcels with a pie chart for the acreage:

Owners: Kody, Robyn and Christine
Price: $300,000
Paid full amount
Acres: 5.16

Owners: Kody, Janelle and Meri
Price: $180,000
Paid full amount
Acres: 4.48

Owners: Kody and Robyn
Price: $170,000
Paid $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42

Owners: Kody and Janelle
Price: $170,000
Paid $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42

By splitting the acreage of each of the larger properties in half due to being co-owned by two wives, here is the breakdown of how many acres are owned by each of the four wives:

As far as acres go, Meri and Christine definitely got the short end of the stick! But, on a bright side, both of their properties are paid for while Janelle and Robyn share ownership with Kody on two properties with mortgages.

I should note that Robyn did sign off on forms that deny her any ownership claim to the properties her name is not on due to the fact that she is actually legally married to Kody Brown.

If you are curious to know a little bit more about Robyn’s rather large and quite beautiful home, here is the description from the real estate listing when she and Kody purchased it, along with some photos:


All FURNITURE and most furnishings. Master bedroom on main level, 5 Bed 4 Bath with a massive kitchen, living room, dining room GREAT ROOM. The kitchen is stunning with 6 burner cook top, commercial size refrigerator, wine fridge and walk in pantry, master bathroom, large dual head shower. 2nd master suite downstairs.

Outdoor living has a large expansive front deck off Living, Dining and Master Bedroom with Deck and overlooking forest and Peaks. Perfect for entertaining.

Home is built with 12” ICF Foam and Concrete fill construction (R-22-24) and entire home has underfloor hydronic heating system and Backup Generator system.

The new season of Sister Wives premieres Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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Sister Wives Does Robyn Brown still own her house? Is Kody on the deed? (4)


Sister Wives Does Robyn Brown still own her house? Is Kody on the deed? (2024)


Did Sister Wives pay off Coyote Pass? ›

'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Pays off Coyote Pass Property: Who Owns the Land? Sister Wives star Kody Brown has finally paid off the land that has become as much of a character on the show as the Brown family, Coyote Pass.

Where are Robyn and Kody living now? ›

As seen on previous episodes of "Sister Wives," Robyn and Kody Brown currently live with their youngest children and two older daughters in a house in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Have the Browns started building on Coyote Pass? ›

Do the Browns Own Coyote Pass? The family has yet to build and actually owes money. Together, the family owned 14 acres, with Kody explaining during an episode that the size of each parcel didn't matter because each was appraised at the same value.

Is Kody in love with Robyn? ›

Prior to their marriage, Kody had three other wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, but now says he was never "in love" with any of them. "I fell in love with Robyn," Kody admits. "I never fell in love with anybody else. I was just choosing to be in that covenant of love with them."

Did Janelle live on Coyote Pass? ›

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown famously decided to live in an RV on the family's Coyote Pass property as she waited for her dream house to be built … but her plans clearly changed since her split from Kody Brown.

Are Meri and Robyn still friends? ›

Now that Meri Brown's marriage to Kody Brown is officially over, she says she no longer considers Robyn Brown to be her sister wife. The two women have maintained a friendship over the years.

Do Kody and Robyn own their home? ›

Kody and Robyn have the majority of the shares of the property and they are the only ones still in an active relationship.

Does Kody have a new wife? ›

Robyn Brown is now Kody's only remaining wife. Following the end of his polygamous marriage, Kody says he is beginning to rebuild his confidence “because it destroys your confidence when you go through a divorce or a family breakup.” Kody Brown.

Did Robyn buy a house in Flagstaff? ›

Kody and Robyn, 45, purchased the 4,4000 square-foot Flagstaff home for $890,000 in September 2019, and the home is estimated now to be worth more than $1.8 million, according to The Sun.

Who is Meri Brown's current partner? ›

Why can't Sister Wives build on Coyote Pass? ›

Summary. Kody and Robyn Brown are reportedly unwilling to build a home on their Coyote Pass land, probably due to the history of conflicts and disputes among the wives. Money's also a factor, as building on Coyote Pass would require selling or renting their current home.

Where does Meri live now? ›

Meri had lived independently from Kody and the rest of the family since long before they announced their divorce in Jan. 2023. With the help of her mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, Meri purchased the family home in Parowan, Utah, built by her great-great-grandparents in 1870.

Will Sister Wives return in 2024? ›

Summary. Sister Wives season 19 may arrive in 2024, following a tumultuous season 18 packed with family drama. Robyn's shock at Kody's true feelings for his other wives signal possible explosive Tell All episodes. A potential new season may focus on the Browns navigating tragedy and changing dynamics within the family.

Did Kody ever love Meri? ›

Kody has been honest with cameras that he hasn't felt romantic love for Meri in many years, although on season 17, he admitted that after one anniversary date he considered reconciling with her because she made him a Rice Krispie Treat for every year they were married. The sentiment was short-lived, however.

What is Meri from Sister Wives doing now? ›

Meri Brown is committed to finding her fairytale ending. And that means not settling for anything less than she's looking for as she navigates life as a single woman following her 2023 breakup with ex-husband Kody Brown. "I have gone out on a few dates," the Sister Wives star revealed in an April 29 Instagram video.

How much did the Browns pay for the Coyote Pass property? ›

Details on the Build Delay Amid Season 18. Sister Wives star Kody Brown purchased Coyote Pass in 2018 for $820,000 with the intention of splitting the property in five parcels for him, his four wives and their children.

Did Robyn and Kody build on Coyote Pass? ›

Kody and Robyn Brown are reportedly unwilling to build a home on their Coyote Pass land, probably due to the history of conflicts and disputes among the wives. Money's also a factor, as building on Coyote Pass would require selling or renting their current home. The new house might be expensive.

What did Christine Brown do with her Coyote Pass property? ›

Christine officially cut all ties with Kody and Coyote Pass in July 2022 and sold her share of the family's land back to Kody and his only legal wife, Robyn, 45. The full cash value of Christine's portion was valued at $213,420 at the time of her sale.

How much did the Browns pay for their Las Vegas homes? ›

Worried about the future of his family, Kody realized the key to bringing everyone back was to invest in a cul-de-sac where the entire family could live together. The family paid approximately $400,000 for four houses, one for each wife, so that they could all live next door to each other.

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