Fans Wanting The Evil Within 3 Have New Reason to Be Hopeful (2024)


  • The former Tango Gameworks CEO believes The Evil Within 3 is possible, giving fans hope for a future announcement and a return to the horror series.
  • Mikami's recent Facebook post shows his openness to return to the franchise, but he did not confirm The Evil Within 3.
  • Tango Gameworks may consult with Mikami and bring him back to develop the game, hinting at a potential collaboration for The Evil Within 3.

Fans now have a reason to be hopeful and optimistic about The Evil Within 3, since former Tango Gameworks CEO and The Evil Within executive producer Shinji Mikami believes a third entry is possible. Although Mikami is no longer an employee at Tango Gameworks, the prolific developer may be open to working with the studio again to greenlight The Evil Within 3.

The Evil Within is a survival horror series that takes some cues from Mikami's previous works from the Resident Evil series. Both The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 went on to become cult classics, but Mikami decided to experiment with new ideas in other genres. In 2022, Mikami served as executive producer of Ghostwire Tokyo, lending his development expertise to help create an intriguing first-person action-adventure game set in Tokyo. After releasing the critically acclaimed Hi-Fi Rush game in 2023, Mikami announced his departure from Tango Gameworks.

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Every Game By Tango Gameworks, Ranked

Despite the fact that Tango Gameworks haven't been around for too long, they already have a handful of amazing games in their catalog.

The Evil Within Reddit community is hopeful for The Evil Within 3 after user Sophia_LaPapou captured a screenshot of Shinji Mikami's recent Facebook post, which stated that he's open to a return to the series. Specifically, Mikami says that he would like to return to Psycho Break, which is the Japanese name for The Evil Within franchise. It's worth noting that he did not confirm The Evil Within 3, since Mikami is no longer an employee of Tango Gameworks. Although he's unable to greenlight the third entry in the series, Tango Gameworks can consult and bring him back on to help develop the game. The possibility of Mikami returning to the series someday gives fans hope for a future announcement, and many are hyped about what The Evil Within 3 could bring to the horror genre.

Some fans were skeptical of the Facebook post, but Sophia_LaPapou re-confirmed that it was from Shinji Mikami's official Facebook account. Others believe the success of Alan Wake 2 and Resident Evil 4 may have encouraged Mikami to make his statement since the horror genre is experiencing a resurgence.

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Tango Gameworks is working on a completely different project, so The Evil Within fans shouldn't be too hopeful about an announcement for The Evil Within 3 anytime soon. The studio's recent releases should show that it's capable of releasing high-quality titles outside the horror genre, and Tango Gameworks may choose to continue chasing and brainstorming ideas for innovative new games. At the very least, Mikami's post is a sign that a working relationship between the producer and Tango Gameworks could help make The Evil Within 3 a reality someday.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a horror survival game from developer Tango Gameworks. Players hop into the shoes of police detective Sebastian Castellanos as he investigates an incident at a mental hospital.

PS4 , PS3 , Xbox One , Xbox 360 , PC

October 14, 2014
Tango Gameworks

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18 Hours


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Fans Wanting The Evil Within 3 Have New Reason to Be Hopeful (2024)


Will there ever be an evil within 3? ›

Highly unlikely. At least not from Sebastian or Kidmans point of view. The story is pretty much done, even if you see the machines power up at the end, it might be Ruvik.

Why did Shinji Mikami leave Capcom? ›

Capcom Five, Resident Evil 4, and Capcom split (2002–2004)

The game was both a commercial and critical failure, receiving lukewarm reviews from the press and selling below expectations. As a result, Mikami stepped down as manager of Production Studio 4, while remaining as one of the head producers within the team.

What is the story of evil within? ›

The Evil Within is an investigation of what appears to be a multiple homicide at Beacon Mental Hospital in its fictional Krimson City, before you realize things are not as they seem (an understatement).

Will there be an Evil 4? ›

Paramount+ has confirmed that "Evil" will return for a fourth and final season, marking the end of the captivating journey. However, fans can anticipate an exhilarating finale, as the streaming service has ordered four bonus episodes to conclude the series in grand style, according to a TV Insider report.

Is The Evil Within in third person? ›

The single-player story is arranged in 15 chapters, which players complete in order to progress through the story. The game is played from a third-person perspective in which scavenging for supplies and learning when to fight or run are key factors in surviving the dangers of the game.

Why did Kamiya leave Capcom? ›

In a new interview with IGN, Kamiya told the publication he decided to leave "because I felt that the direction the company was heading in was different from my beliefs as a developer."

Why did Mikami leave tango? ›

One reason is his desire to create an environment for younger game developers to have more frequent opportunities and gain experience. That would mean shorter cycles between projects, as well as unique, smaller-scale games. A second reason is to move away from the survival horror genre for which he's best known.

Why did Shinji leave Capcom? ›

He left after Capcom went above him with his title, and he didn't take part in any of the ports. He was still credited as "game director" but other people had to handle the porting of RE4 outside the gamecube. He also didn't come back for RE5.

Is The Evil Within inappropriate? ›

The game is terrifying - often in a stressful way - and there's no way young kids should play it. There is a story, but it's bewildering and involves sadism and mental cruelty, with references to psychosis, suicide, self-harm, murder, arson and the deaths of children. The monsters and the environments are nightmarish.

Did The Evil Within 2 sell well? ›

The Evil Within 2 sold around 200.000 units in its opening week, around 1/4th of the original. This can be attributed to the originals weak (critical) reception, bad marketing and last-minute reveal (the game was revealed around a few months before release).

What is the scariest monster in The Evil Within? ›

Just be sure to save up your ammo and health kits in order to survive the horror.
  • 8 Cadaver. ...
  • 7 Shigyo. ...
  • 6 sad*st. ...
  • 5 Amalgam/Amalgam Alpha. ...
  • 4 Quell. ...
  • 3 Heresy. ...
  • 2 The Haunted. The Haunted are your garden variety enemies in The Evil Within. ...
  • 1 Laura. Hands down the scariest creature in all of The Evil Within is Laura.
Oct 31, 2021

Can I play Evil Within 2 before 1? ›

You don't need to have played the first game to play the second. Some elements won't make much sense at first—like how our hero Sebastian Castellanos psychically travels to a supernatural mental hospital to get upgrades—but any confusion becomes easy to ignore once you uncover the setup.

Is The Evil Within 2 first person? ›

So i'm about to start playing Evil Whithin 2 and since now you can choose to play in third or first person, wich one do you think it's the most fun to play?

Is The Evil Within 2 a good game? ›

The game has a smoother framerate and a more coherent story. It also has an open-world environment filled with optional missions. Fans of "The Last of Us" and the "Resident Evil 2" remake will love every minute of it. Overall, I would rate "The Evil Within 2" with an 8 out of 10.

How many copies did The Evil Within 2 sell? ›

The Evil Within 2 has sold 227,653 copies on steam.

Who is the protagonist in Evil Within 3? ›

Characters. Juli Kidman (voiced by Meg Saricks): The main protagonist from the previous game and Ex-Mobius agents who agree to join the Krimson Operations Rescue Team (KORT) on their rescue mission. Blake Frost (voiced by Ryan Hurst): Team Captain of Krimson Operations Rescue Team (KORT).

Does Evil Within 2 continue the story? ›

It's a continuation but to be perfectly blunt, you don't need to play the first if you don't want to. I LOVE the series, but for newbies, starting at TEW 2 is my advice. The game spends quite a lot of time filling you in on what happened in TEW 1 and anything it doesn't fill in, has no bearings on the plot.

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