Goodwill Bluebox Jewelry Mystery Box Review — From Pennies to Plenty (2024)

Goodwill Bluebox is an online retailer of second-hand clothing and goods and a popular source of inventory for resellers like me. I recently purchased the Jewelry Repurpose Mystery Box to see what all the hype is about. Read on to see what I got in the mystery box and if I can make a profit from the box.

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What is Goodwill Bluebox?

According to the company website, Goodwill Bluebox is a sustainable clothing and jewelry wholesale shop developed by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The company curates clothing boxes and recycles salvaged clothing. Proceeds from sales fund their programs for members of their community.

What does Goodwill Bluebox sell?

Goodwill Bluebox has grown its offerings over time. Now you can purchase many different types of items, not just clothes:

  • Mystery boxes

  • Wholesale boxes

  • Pallets and other items in large quantities

  • Jewelry

  • Vintage clothing

  • Jeans

  • Shoes

  • Plush toys

  • Books

  • And more

A few years ago, I purchased two clothing mystery boxes with the intention of reselling the items in it. The boxes were a dud. I haven’t purchased anything from Goodwill Bluebox since then.

I decided to give Goodwill Bluebox another go, but this time with a different type of box. I recently spoke to another seller who said that their jewelry boxes are worth buying.

Another reason to think that Goodwill Bluebox mystery boxes are worth purchasing is that they’re always sold out. They’re released on Friday afternoons at 6 PM Eastern Time and sell out within minutes.

You have to be on the site at that time, immediately click on your selection, and check out quickly or you will lose your box. With that kind of demand, I thought maybe the boxes had gotten better.

Jewelry repurpose box

The jewelry repurpose box is 5 lb of mixed recycled jewelry, junk jewelry, jewelry parts and pieces, and broken jewelry.

The description says there is no guarantee of variety, resale value, high-value jewelry, or precious metal. They’re packed at random.

It’s important to know all of this before you purchase this box.

The box costs $34.99 plus $5 shipping. My box weighed 5.3 lb, so there was no skimping here.

2 ) The Peyote Bird necklace

I was excited to receive a Peyote Bird necklace. Peyote Bird Designs is a family-owned business that sells handcrafted artisan Southwestern-style jewelry. The jewelry is beautiful!

Google Lens helped me figure out that this is the Seaside Necklace currently sold exclusively on the Sundance website for $218!

Sundance is another brand with a cult following of its own, so this necklace has the potential to sell well.

Update 7/20/21: This necklace sold for $60 within 2 hours of listing it for sale!

3) A few pairs of earrings

A few of the earrings came in pairs, which is nice for reselling or wearing. However, most of the earrings were missing their match.

This is not surprising given that this is a repurpose box and the items were all donated but something to note if you’re hoping for pairs of earrings.

Thoughts on the box

1) The box is exactly as described

There were no surprises about the box. In fact, I received some pieces that were in the jewelry box listing stock photos on the Goodwill Bluebox website.

It was exactly as pictured and described. Some items were intact and wearable, while others were worn or broken.

Unfortunately, this box wasn’t a good source of resale inventory. I think I will make my money back by selling the Peyote Bird necklace and maybe 1-2 other items. It won't bring me a fortune, however.

2) The jewelry is meant for repurposing

Goodwill Bluebox states that they repurpose the items that didn’t sell in their stores into these boxes.

As with most mystery boxes I’ve come across, the person or company pulls all the items of value and puts the rest that won’t sell into the box. That’s why there were so few items with brand names or of high value or metal in the box.

The items in the box are junk, often missing stones and broken clasps, although they may be able to be fixed or repurposed. Keep this in mind if you decide to purchase this box.

3 ) The jewelry is dirty

All the items in the box felt old, dirty, and sticky. Some of the items had stains or tarnish on them. I had to sort through the box with gloves on, and the gloves were visibly dirty when I was finished.

This is to be expected when you handle donated and thrifted items. They’ve probably collected dust in someone’s closet for decades.

If you purchase this box, know that you’ll likely have to clean everything before you use it or sell it.

Would I purchase this jewelry box again?

I wouldn’t purchase this box again because I have no use for this type of item. I don’t have the skills or interest to fix or repurpose jewelry, especially costume jewelry like I received.

I prefer to acquire items in good or great condition, so I can resell them with little additional work.

Wrap Up

The Goodwill Bluebox Jewelry Repurpose Box is exactly as described on its website. You’ll receive 5 lb of junk jewelry, but you may get lucky with a few pieces of higher value.

This box is worth purchasing if you use jewelry like this for personal projects. It’s best to look elsewhere if you’re a reseller looking for a reliable source of inventory to resell for profit. I got lucky making a profit from reselling one beautiful necklace in the lot.

What has been your experience buying from Goodwill Bluebox?

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Goodwill Bluebox Jewelry Mystery Box Review — From Pennies to Plenty (2024)


How does Goodwill Bluebox work? ›

Goodwill Bluebox works differently than other channels. Instead of listing items one by one, there are no photographs and no listings that your team needs to complete. Instead, you submit quantities available on a weekly basis and the Bluebox team handles the rest until an item has sold.

Why buy jewelry box? ›

The jewelry box should protect your gold artifacts and precious jewelry well, prevent them from getting tangled together, and prevent them from being exposed to air and dust.

What jewelry comes in a blue box? ›

Widely regarded as the most recognizable and coveted packaging in the world, the Blue Box is only available with a purchase at Tiffany & Co., a tradition that dates to our founder.

How does BlueBox work? ›

Steps: When delivery staff arrive at the building, they can deposit the package into BlueBox via the recipient's phone number or unit number. The recipient is notified by both the app and SMS. The packages can be retrieved by either a unique pickup code or through the app.

Will jewelry tarnish in a jewelry box? ›

What you want are jewellery boxes that close properly and are airtight, leaving no room for outside air to potentially get in. This will prevent tarnish from happening as it will prevent your jewellery from interacting with outside substances.

Should I keep my jewelry in a jewelry box? ›

Jewelry boxes are designed to keep all of your jewels secure, categorized, and easy to find when you're looking to accessorize. They'll keep your baubles “dust-free, visible, and safe,” Jacobs explains. They are also chic enough to be put on display or can be stored neatly in a closet, drawer, or even under your bed.

What does a jewelry box symbolize? ›

Symbolizes Appreciation: A jewelry box is a symbol of appreciation for the client's trust and loyalty. By presenting a well-crafted jewelry box, you are expressing gratitude for their continued support and partnership. It demonstrates that their business is valued and recognized.

How do the goodwill barcodes work? ›

The barcode is scanned with an optical scanner, it then reads, converts and transmits the data to a computer.

How long does it take for goodwill blue box to ship? ›

Q: WHEN DO WE SHIP OUR BOXES? Our policy is to ship boxes within 2 business days of purchase. Since our restocks are currently on Fridays, we typically want all of our boxes shipped out by the end of the day on Tuesday.

How does goodwill color of the day work? ›

Goodwill color codes its price tags for 50% discounts. The “Weekly Discount” color switches every seven days, so it's important that you pay attention while shopping. Blue, yellow, purple, green, red and orange are all common colors you may find on different items throughout the store.

What happens when you sell goodwill? ›

The goodwill that is sold separately from your tangible assets follows its own set of tax rules, and you can take advantage of that if you do it right. When transferred on their own as personal goodwill, your excess net earnings are subject to capital gains taxes.

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