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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make an optimizer? Others exist

There are other great optimizers, but many are limited due to API not allowing testing and reaction based discord bots limiting the amount of choices. This website will also continue to develop, adding many features unique to this website. It's generally a faster, more reliable, and allows for free testing with stats and bonuses.

Why should I use a talisman optimizer?

Talisman are incredibly important in skyblock. Thanks to the reforge update optimization lets you hit higher than ever before in skyblock, and we have many new options for reorging. Attack speed, as well as mana builds are viable now, and tank can have its own refoges to survive longer in dungeons.

What is Enchantment Damage?

Enchantment Damage is all of the percent increases from enchantments added together. Unlike other stats it does not change your talisman reforges. As an example, if you had sharpness 6, ender slayer 6 and dragon hunter 5 on a sword, your Enchantment Damage would be equal to 30 + 72 + 40 for 142. There is a list with all enchants and the values below.

What is Weapon Damage?

Weapon Damage is simply the stat called "Damage" on your weapon. This value is increased by hot potato books and pets, so make sure you use the correct value. It is included in the damage formula and will change the ideal talisman reforges, unlike enchantment damage and combat level. For a more in-depth explanation read the guide below.

User's Guide to Optimization

Weapon Damage

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Weapon Damage is the damage stat listed on your weapon. In the example picture, my Aspect of the End has 100 weapon damage. That is the number used for weapon damage in the calculator. Weapon Damage can be increased through hot potato books, certain pets such as lion and snowman, and the dungeoneering skill. Make sure to use the increased Weapon Damage value if you want to optimize for your dungeon stats. In addition, remember that certain pets like snowman give weapon damage, but it is not shown on the weapon. Double check your weapon damage with the wiki if necessary.


Stats provide base increases to damage. Stength and crit damage are the most important stats for damage these are the only stats you will need as a berserker or archer. As a mage, intelligence also increases your damage for both your sword beam and your spells. As a tank health and defense are stats used to calculate your effective health, meaning the total amount of damage you can take before dying. Strength and Crit damage are both found in your stats. While holding your weapon and wearing your armor, type /sbmenu in chat and hover over your head to see your stats. Make sure no talisman with reforges are in your inventory or talisman bag, if they have reforges it will make the optimizer incorrect. Remember that certain talisman, like day/night crystal and red claw artifact, will give you strength and crit damage. You need to add those to your stats for the optimizer to be completely accurate.

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Mage Mode

Mage as a dungeons class was heavily nerfed. Because of how the spells deal less damage, as well as how mana regen was reduced, the sword beam mage uses with left click is now one of your best sources of damage. Mage mode optimizes your damage for this beam, letting you deal high damage without spending mana, while still letting you use the stronger abilities such as yeti sword and spirit scepter.

Tank Mode

Tank Mode switches the talisman optimizer from a damage optimizer to a health and defense optimizer. As a tank, you must be able to take hits for your team. Using this optimizer will use the shiny and pleasant reforges to maximise your effective health.

Enchantment Damage

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Enchant Damage and Combat level don’t change talisman reforges, they only change the total damage value. If you just want to optimize your talisman you can ignore them, but if you want to see about how much damage you’ll do combat level and enchant damage will give you your on-hit damage. Enchant damage is all the percent increases to damage added together. In the image you can see smite 4 gives a 32% increase against zombies, so if that is your Enchantment Damage against zombies. The full list of enchants that add to the damage will be listed below along with how much they give.

Combat Level

Combat gives a large increase to damage. Each level gives a 4% additive increase. To find your combat level, go into your skyblock menu and click on skills. To increase your combat level grinding revenent slayer is the fastest way. Exactly like Enchantment Damage Combat Level does not change talsiman reforges, it is only used to calculate your final damage.

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Gumble Guides - Hypixel Skyblock Talisman Damage Optimizer (6)

Talisman are items you collect in skyblock. They come from a variety of sources includfing collections, drops, slayers and npcs. They can be reforged to gain a massive increase in stats, and this optmizer makes sure you can the most out of them. You need to enter the amount of each rarity of talisman you have so that the calculator than correctly tell you how to reforge them.

Percent Increases to All Stats

Superior Armor as well as the Ender Dragon Pet give an increase to all stats. This increase actually changes the ideal reforge setup as well as your total damage output. If you are using any increase to all stats, list the amount in this box.

What is Enchantments add to Enchantment Damage?

This is a list of all enchants that will enchant damage, simply add all that will apply to the mob you are fighting

This is a list of all enchants that will enchant damage, simply add all that will apply to the mob you are fighting

Sharpness: 5 per level

Power: 8 per level

Giant Killer: 5 per level

Bane of Arthropods: 8 per level(doesn't stack with Sharpness or Smite)

Smite: 8 per level(doesn't stack with Bane or Sharpness)

Cubism: 10 per level only against cubes

Impaling: 12.5 per level only against guardians

Dragon Hunter: 8 per level only against dragons

Ender Slayer: 12 per level only against endermen and ender dragons

Execute: gives damage the lower health the enemy is, capped at 20

First Strike: 25 per level it is glitched and gives around 83 so use 83 instead

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Gumble Guides - Hypixel Skyblock Talisman Damage Optimizer (2024)


What is the best talisman for damage? ›

A must-have Talisman for any magic-wielding build, the Graven-Mass Talisman will increase a player's Sorcery Damage by 8%. Players can stack the Sorcery Damage buff with other Talismans that increase damage, like the Graven-School or Magic Scorpion Talismans.

How to optimize damage SkyBlock? ›

Ways to Increase

❁ Damage can be increased by holding Weapons or summoning certain Pets. It can also be directly increased by summoning the Snowman Pet.

What Talisman raises damage? ›

The Ritual Sword Talisman increases your attack power by 10%, but only when your health is at maximum.

What Talisman increases damage per hit? ›

The Winged Sword Insignia talisman raises your attack power with successive attacks. In other words, the more blows you land on your enemy in rapid succession, the more bonus damage you'll dish out with each hit.

Which pet gives the most crit damage? ›

Temporary Sources
Enderman Pet COMMON - MYTHIC+75 CD
Giraffe Pet RARE - LEGENDARYHigher Ground - Increases your Crit Damage and Strength by 0.15% for every 0.1 Swing Range over 3Ⓢ (up to 6Ⓢ). Additive Multiplied with Flat stats
13 more rows

How do you increase true damage in Hypixel SkyBlock? ›

There is currently only two known ways for a player to deal ✷ True Damage: Through the Spider Queen's Stinger, an EPIC Bow that was added in the Arachne update, and the Bal Pet's second ability Fire Whip.

What is the most expensive talisman in hypixel skyblock? ›

Bingo Talisman33,800,000 coins11,266,667 coins/MP
Artifact of Power (Maxed)80,954,820 coins20,238,705 coins/MP
Burststopper Artifact67,300,000 coins16,825,000 coins/MP
Golden Jerry Artifact70,000,000 coins17,500,000 coins/MP
24 more rows

Can you reforge talismans anymore? ›

These reforges have been removed, but reforged accessories prior to April 20, 2022 still display the name of the reforge. Accessory reforges were replaced with Thaumaturgy. These are the reforges that are applicable only to Accessories (Talismans, Rings, Artifacts).

What is the most powerful weapon in Hypixel skyblock? ›

The ultimate melee weapon is the Valkyrie, with its unmatched ❁ Damage, ❁ Strength and ⫽ Ferocity. It is also by far the most costly, at 1,100,000,000 coins for a basic one and a further 180,000,000 coins for Wither Impact.

How much MP does a legendary accessory give? ›

Magical Power
RarityMagical Power
4 more rows

How to get the king talisman? ›

Every time the player speaks to a unique king, a progress number will appear in the chat. Once all seven kings have been spoken to, the talisman will automatically appear in the player's inventory, and the player will recieve the "A Royal Meeting" Achievement. Once unlocked, you can buy it from Rusty for 500,000 coins.

How to get shiny yellow rock? ›

Yellow Rock can be obtained through mining the gold ore that spawns in the Savanna Woodland gold mine on The Park island.

What is the most powerful Talisman in Elden Ring? ›

The best talismans in Elden Ring
  • Radagon's Soreseal.
  • Marika's Soreseal.
  • Great-Jar's Arsenal.
  • Shard of Alexander.
  • Erdtree's Favor +2.
  • Radagon Icon.
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia.
  • Graven-MassTalisman.
May 23, 2022

What is the best Talisman damage reduction in Elden Ring? ›

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman enormously reduces Physical Damage taken, by 20%. Players can use talismans in Elden Ring to boost a variety of Stats.

What is the best Talisman for strength? ›

Elden Ring Strength Build: Talismans

When it comes to talisman options, Erdtree's Favour is a brilliant pick as it boosts your maximum HP, Stamina, and equip load, and will boost them even further if you manage to acquire Erdtree's Favour +2. This is everything a Strength user needs all in one package!

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