Lynx Talisman (2024)

Lynx Talisman
Lynx Talisman (1)
NPC Sell Price1,000 Coins
Stats2 Lynx Talisman (2)Speed
Lynx Talisman (3) Previous
Lynx Talisman (4)
Cat Talisman
Next Lynx Talisman (5)
Lynx Talisman (6)
Cheetah Talisman
Lynx Talisman (7) Yes
Lynx Talisman (8) No
Lynx Talisman (9) Auctionable
Lynx Talisman (10) No
Lynx Talisman (11) Reforgeable
Lynx Talisman (12) No
Lynx Talisman (13) Enchantable
Lynx Talisman (14) No
Lynx Talisman (15) Museum
Lynx Talisman (16) No
Lynx Talisman (17) Soulbound (SOLO)
Lynx Talisman (18) Yes

The Lynx Talisman is a RARE Accessory that can be obtained from Guildford.
It is the upgraded form of the Cat Talisman.


The Lynx Talisman can be obtained by completing 4/4 objectives of two Guildford races in the Dungeon Hub.


Speed: +2

The Lynx Talisman grants a small speed increase when stored in the inventory or Accessory Bag.

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This item can use the following Accessory Upgrades:

The Lynx Talisman can be upgraded to the Cheetah Talisman.

To do this, the player should speak to Guildford after completing 4/4 objectives of three races in the Dungeon Hub.


  • The Lynx Talisman can be repurchased from Rusty for 1,000,000 Coins if a player loses their original.


Lynx Talisman (20) SkyBlock Prototype
July 7th, 2020Catacombs ReleaseLynx Talisman Added.
April 25th, 2022Minor PatchLynx Talisman added to Rusty's shop.
November 28th, 20230.19.8The Lynx Talisman is now Soulbound instead of Co-op Soulbound.



Lynx Talisman (21)

Lynx Talisman (2024)


How to upgrade lynx talisman? ›

The Lynx Talisman can be upgraded to the Cheetah Talisman. To do this, the player should speak to Guildford after completing 4/4 objectives of three races in the Dungeon Hub.

How to get cat talisman easy? ›

The Cat Talisman can be obtained by speaking to Guildford after completing 4/4 modes of any race in the Dungeon Hub.

What is the chance of getting treasure talisman? ›

Item ID. 8x Treasure Talisman, which have a small chance of spawning as an item drop in secrets on the Catacombs Floor 4 and above. The drop chance is unknown but it has been estimated at 1/500 (0.2%) - 1/1000 (0.1%). This is the middle tier between the Treasure Talisman and the Treasure Artifact.

What is the drop chance of glacial talisman? ›

The Glacial Talisman has a 0.38% chance to appear inside a Frozen Treasure in the Glacial Cave.

Does Cheetah Talisman stack? ›

Item Metadata

Cheetah Talisman. Rusty for 1,000,000 coins. It gives +2 ✦ Speed. The effect does not stack with the downgraded version of this or the upgraded version, as they are all versions of the same accessory.

How do you get 4 talismans? ›

Defeating Godfrey The First Elden Lord

Players will encounter this boss in Leyndell, the Capital of Ash, after completing "Crumbling Farum Azula." After defeating Godfrey, you will acquire the final Talisman Pouch, raising the total number of talismans that can be equipped in Elden Ring to four.

How rare is the bat talisman? ›

The Bat Talisman has a 1% chance to drop when killing a Bat spawned from a Bat Crystal on a Private Island, which can be placed with the Roofed Forest Island.

How rare is spider talisman? ›

Spider Talisman
NPC Sell Price50 Coins
2 more rows
Nov 12, 2019

What does Einary's red hoodie do? ›

Einary's Red Hoodie is used to unlock the Einary Abiphone contact.

How to get the tarantula talisman? ›

The Tarantula Talisman can be obtained as a Pray RNGesus(<1%) drop from any Tarantula Broodfather of Tier III or higher after reaching Spider Slayer LVL VI .

Where do I get the gravity talisman? ›

The Gravity Talisman can be crafted after unlocking Obsidian Collection III. It can be crafted using 144 Obsidian.

Is there a way to upgrade talismans? ›

Talismans cannot be upgraded; however, more powerful versions of some talismans are obtainable. They're often recognizable by their bolster text (e.g. Talisman Name +1), with exceptions such as the Great-Jar's Arsenal (a direct upgrade to the Arsenal Charm). Talismans are allowed in Player Trade.

Can you upgrade your talisman in Dark Souls? ›

Well you can't upgrade the talisman, but you can get the Thorolund Talisman(I think that's what it's called) from the priest at Firelink shrine. And miracles become more powerful as you upgrade your faith. Whereas with pyromancy you can upgrade the pyromancy flame and get more powerful versions of most spells.

Can you upgrade talisman demon souls? ›

Talismans are a weapon type in Demon's Souls. Talismans let you cast all type of Miracles. Talismans scale with Faith stat and cannot be upgraded.

How do you upgrade treasure talisman? ›

A Treasure Talisman can be upgraded to a Treasure Ring using 8 Treasure Talismans.

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