Ruvik (The Evil Within) (2024)

Ruvik (The Evil Within) (1)

"I know what you crave, what you fear..."
~ Ruvik to Sebastian


Ruvik was the youngest son of the Victoriano Family. Despite his genius intellect, he had a disturbed mind, his sister Laura was the only person he had shown any sign of connection and love. During a fire, Laura died and Ruvik's body was disfigured by the fire, this event, and his father's abuse, eventually turned Ruvik completely insane, to the point that he murdered his parents in order to further boost his research about the human psyche, with the goal to create a perfect world inside his mind through the STEM project.

At some point, Ruvik started working along with the organization MOBIUS, but was betrayed and used as a test subject to the STEM, his body was almost completely destroyed, except his still-living brain, however his consciousness was still alive and living inside the STEM's virtual world, as a virus.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | At least 8-C, likely higher

Key: Base | STEM

Name: Ruben Victoriano, Ruvik

Origin:The Evil Within



Classification: Human, Living Consciousness

Powers and Abilities:Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Telekinesis, Possession, Telepathy,Mind Manipulation,Memory Manipulation (Showed several of his memories to Sebastian),Reality Warping (Within the STEM),Creation (Created all the inhuman creatures inside the STEM wich includes the Haunted and beings like Reborn Laura), Transformation (Can turn other people in the STEM into Haunted.Transformed himself into a gigantic monster to fight Sebastian), Blood Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (Can make other beings explode with only a touch),Teleportation, Genius Intelligence

Attack Potency: Human level | At least Building level (Managed to lift a bus with telekinesis and throw it away), likely higher (Ruvik's powers within the STEM are much more powerful than other's due to his nature as its core and thus, he can mostly do everything he wants within it)

Speed:Average Human | Hypersonic (Casual bullet timer)

Lifting Strength:Average Human | Superhuman (Is able to easily lift a full grown man with one hand)

Striking Strength:Human level | Building level

Durability: Human level | Building level

Stamina: Unknown

Range:Standard Melee Range.Limited Omnipresence inside the STEM

Standard Equipment:None

Intelligence:Genius. Even as a child, Ruvik had made strong advancements in the fields of psychotherapy. He was the one who developed the first STEM project, a system that allows multiple minds to be brought together and to be connected in a virtual world projected by the host's mind. After spending some years inside the system, Ruvik developed godlike powers, he is capable of teleportation, superhuman speed, invulnerability, and several others.

Weaknesses: Ruvik has a great fear of fire because his sister died and his body was disfigured by a fire.

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Ruvik (The Evil Within) (2024)


Was Ruvik in love with Laura? ›

Marcelo Jimenez notes that Ruvik's motivation for the creation of STEM was inspired by his love for Laura. Ruvik also said that he wanted her to see the real him and not his burnt body.

Is Ruvik the bad guy? ›

Ruben ''Ruvik'' Victoriano is the main antagonist of the 2014 survival horror videogame The Evil Within, and a major antagonist in its DLC: The Assignment and The Consequence. Ruvik is a thin, sharp-featured man who is heavily disfigured with various burns and scars, giving him the appearance of a walking cadaver.

What happened to Ruvik in The Evil Within? ›

Fate. Sebastian witnesses one final vision of Ruvik before disconnecting Ruvik's own disembodied brain from the STEM and violently stomping on it with his foot, putting an evident end to his existence.

Why does Ruvik want Leslie? ›

The basic assumption throughout the game is that Leslie has been in Ruvik's mind before and that he has some sort of empathic ability that allows him to "sync" or "buffer" mental pathways. This was apparently a cornerstone of Ruvik's research before being forced into a plagerized copy of his STEM machine.

How did Ruvik get his powers? ›

After spending some years inside the system, Ruvik developed godlike powers, he is capable of teleportation, superhuman speed, invulnerability, and several others. Weaknesses: Ruvik has a great fear of fire because his sister died and his body was disfigured by a fire.

How old is Ruvik evil within? ›

Main antagonist in the game. And wiki states that he's 37.

Why did Ruvik create STEM? ›

Ruvik created STEM with the intention of using it to create a reality of his own design so that he could be with his sister Laura Victoriano.

How do you escape Ruvik? ›

At some point, the whole area will turn blue and Ruvik will appear. The time at which this happens seems to be random. When it does, you simply need to run around for 30 seconds to a minute, dodging him. He will eventually give up and disappear.

Who is the safe enemy in evil within? ›

The Keeper was born from a combination of Ruvik's memory of the safe where he kept his research, and his unbridled rage. The safe head represents the atrocities of Ruvik's past that he's trying to keep hidden, literally crushing anyone who comes near.

Is The Evil Within 3 confirmed? ›

Mikami's recent Facebook post shows his openness to return to the franchise, but he did not confirm The Evil Within 3. Tango Gameworks may consult with Mikami and bring him back to develop the game, hinting at a potential collaboration for The Evil Within 3.

Is The Evil Within 2 connected? ›

The Evil Within 1 is more linear and 2 has open world aspects to it. They are two different games.

How do you beat Ruvik? ›

Raise your gun and shoot Ruvik once. Time will be slowed down, but even so, you only have a second or two to do this, so be quick on the trigger! Once you shoot Ruvik, he will die, and several cutscenes will play out. Congratulations, you beat The Evil Within!

What happened to Leslie at the end of evil within? ›

When he looks back up, he seems to have disappeared. Though Leslie's fate remains unknown, it is heavily implied that Ruvik has taken possession of his mind as means of escaping STEM.

What is Laura's weakness in The Evil Within? ›

Either way you fight her, her weakness is fire. Also, Laura only had two attacks, but they're super powerful. If she claws at you, she'll drain immense amounts of health. If she grabs you, it's game over.

How to deal with Ruvik in chapter 9? ›

If you run fast for too long, he'll teleport in front of you. Avoid going through doors if possible as he's often directly behind. The good thing is that once he's gone, he will not appear again in quite some time. This is even true if he just killed you - they give you a bit of breathing room there.

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