The Evil Within 2 boss guide: Keepers and Laura (2024)

At the end of The Evil Within 2 Chapter 14, you’ll face a series of bosses. The first is easy. The second two waves — keepers and then Laura — are quite a bit more difficult. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat them.

Keepers boss fight

The key to overcoming keepers is to prevent them from overcoming you. That means putting distance between you and your enemies, setting traps and shooting from a safe distance. They’re big, and they’re powerful, but they’re not fast or smart. You are. Those are your advantages.

  1. As soon as the fight starts, turn around and run away. (If you’re low on ammo, look on the walls for some.) The keepers will start following you, but you run faster than they move, so you’re buying yourself time.
  2. Equip your warden crossbow and any bolt that will stun an enemy. We like the shock bolt.
  3. Shoot a wall with your crossbow, which will create a tripwire.
  4. Back away from the tripwire and wait for the keeper to walk through it.
  5. When the keeper walks through the tripwire, he’ll be stunned and frozen in place for several seconds. Fire at his big, fast stomach (not his head). It won't take long until he’s down.
The Evil Within 2 boss guide: Keepers and Laura (1) Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

The strategy remains the same for the second phase of the fight when there are two keepers. Freezing your enemies in place has another advantage in this phase, too: If you stop one keeper, you can focus on the other.

If you don’t have crossbow ammunition that freezes enemies, the strategy above will still work. It’s just a bit more dangerous. Run to put some distance between you and the keepers, take aim and fire away at their bellies when they appear.

Laura boss fight

There are two ways to fight Laura, one easy and one … well, certainly more complicated. We’ll discuss both strategies here, but if you have a flamethrower, skip to the easy section.

Either way you fight her, her weakness is fire. Also, Laura only had two attacks, but they’re super powerful. If she claws at you, she’ll drain immense amounts of health. If she grabs you, it’s game over.

As with keepers (and all powerful enemies, really), the key to survival lies in keeping your distance, planning your attacks and executing your strategy consistently.

The complicated way

The key to Laura’s demise is built into the level, and this is the way you’ll need to fight Laura if you don’t have a flamethrower (or you don’t have ammo for it).

There are two valves in the arena surrounding you and Laura. You’ll need to stand in front of a valve and press a button on your controller repeatedly — and repeat this process twice, because there are two valves — to open pipes. This is dangerous. It leaves you vulnerable to her devastating attacks. Your best bet is to run away from Laura and only start turning a valve if you’re sure that she’s not close to you.

After you’ve turned both valves, run over to the switch (which looks kind of like a yellow streetlight). When Laura’s standing under an area where the pipes are pointing down from the ceiling, hit the button and damage her with fire.

The easy way

The Evil Within 2 boss guide: Keepers and Laura (3) Tango Gameworks/Bethesda Softworks

If you have a flamethrower and bolts that stun enemies, the fight with Laura becomes trivial. Equip your warden crossbow and anything that freezes enemies in place. We like the shock bolts. Here’s what to do:

  1. Shoot Laura with your crossbow to freeze her in place.
  2. Fire your flamethrower at her until she screams.
  3. Run away to get some distance, and reload your crossbow.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

It really is that easy, as you can see in the video above.

The Evil Within 2 boss guide: Keepers and Laura (2024)


How to beat Laura in The Evil Within 2? ›

Shoot Laura with your crossbow to freeze her in place. Fire your flamethrower at her until she screams. Run away to get some distance, and reload your crossbow. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

How to beat the chapter 8 boss in Evil Within 2? ›

Aim for the moment when he reappears to shoot him with something that hits hard, like a shotgun. A well-placed shot will briefly stun Stefano, allowing you to put some distance between the two of you. Turn Stefano's aggression into his downfall. Shoot electric crossbow bolts into the ground between you and Stefano.

How do you beat Laura? ›

Laura is especially vulnerable towards being frozen with Freeze bolts from the Agony Crossbow, which can pin her in place long enough for Sebastian to retaliate or make some distance. Other bolts can be effective as well when used as land mines, as she is not scripted to avoid these.

How to beat Laura Evil Within Chapter 10? ›

You can injure her by luring her beneath the flaming pipes, then shooting the valve so the fire is allowed to pour out onto her. Once you make it past the first flame wall, you will have to do it all again at a second wall.

Is there a way to save Laura? ›

The Final Showdown (Chapter 10)

This section includes three QTEs, and the player must fail the third QTE in order to save Laura's life. If the player succeeds, Travis will die and Laura will survive, bringing an end to a long and terrible night in Hackett's Quarry.

Can you avoid the ghost lady evil within 2? ›

i don't think you can fight her one on one, you can only avoid her by using stealth. Originally posted by Luke The Lad: i don't think you can fight her one on one, you can only avoid her by using stealth.

Who is the final boss in The Evil Within 2? ›

The Evil Within 2's final boss, the Matriarch, is a heart-wrenching battle between Sebastian and Myra — or at least a confused and twisted version of his estranged wife.

How many hours does it take to beat Evil Within 2? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story38113h 32m
Main + Extras77018h 56m
Completionist9629h 19m
All PlayStyles1.2K18h 5m

What is the hardest mode in Evil Within 2? ›

悪夢 -AKUMU- (lit. "Nightmare") is the absolute worst The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 has to offer.

What happens if you don't let Laura bite you? ›

A while after, Laura jumps into the room, scaring the hunter away. After the two chat for a bit, Laura suggests biting Ryan to heal his wound. People need to ACCEPT the bite; otherwise, Ryan will die from blood loss later on in the chapter. Finally, while Chris is fighting Bobby, Laura transforms and attacks Travis.

Should Laura run or hide? ›

Laura vs Jedediah
AttackLaura will attack Jedediah when he holds her at gunpoint, brutally killing him
RunLaura will run from Jedediah, allowing him to live
Jun 10, 2022

Should Laura raise her gun? ›

If she Raises Gun but doesn't shoot Silas, the dog boy will massacre the trio. If she doesn't Raise Gun, Ryan and Travis call to Laura, though she protests that Silas is just a boy.

How do you save Laura in Chapter 9? ›

Chapter 9: In Chapter 9, Laura must succeed in the struggle against Constance Hackett, then select Shoot Gun and Don't Pull Knife. When facing Jedidiah Hackett, select the Attack and Smash options. As the chapter continues, the final QTE that must be made is the Shoot Monster option, ridding Laura of her curse.

How to save Laura and Ryan chapter 10? ›

(Chapter 10) Laura Hesitates and Kills Silas

If you fail the QTE, Travis and Laura will wrestle over the weapon and Laura will shoot him. Following Travis' death, Laura will have the option to kill Silas, resulting in both Ryan and Laura surviving.

How do you beat the invisible enemy in The Evil Within? ›

Another way is to use a Flash Bolt, which blinds the invisible guy and reveals him. From there, use a frontal Sneak Kill or shotgun blast to eliminate it. Once you do kill the enemy, you will have to leave the red room.

How to defeat obscura? ›

The camera lens is its weak spot, and can be shot to daze it for a few seconds, similarly to Shade's spotlight. If Sebastian keeps his distance, the creature will instead use the flash to disrupt progress on the Emitter until stunned.

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